Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is this the future of handmade?

Click on the bear to read about the future of handmade children's items.


Once again, my friend Sunee amazes me with her ability to create exactly what I want and so quickly! She is so talented and sweet. She created my signature for me...what do you think?

Monday, December 22, 2008

New and Improved

If you check out my website these days you'll see that I've been a little slow in getting it updated and put together. My friend Sunee at Nee Designs had a great idea to add my Etsy info to my blog as well as some photos of finished items from Flickr. Gotta love having people around you who know the latest and greatest in technology. My good friend Chris got me started and between he and Sunee, I think I'm almost there! Thanks friends!

Now...I just need to get Sunee's purse finished :)

Check us out!

A. Ashley Designs has been featured as a Mom-Preneur on www.daniellemariephoto.blogspot.com !!

I met Danielle this summer at a photo shoot and she really inspired me to get moving and get
A. Ashley Designs off the ground. Check out her blog and sign up to win a $25 gift certificate to A. Ashley Designs and also check out her amazing photography. Danielle is very talented and so sweet and tender hearted.